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Power Ball

Power Ball

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The MAKANA Refillable Chalk Ball is the perfect accessory for any sports and outdoor enthusiast! This 2 oz. chalk ball comes in a high quality sock that ensures a constant grip and sweat resistance even during intense activities such as rock climbing, bouldering, weight lifting, gymnastics, bowling and crossfit.

  • High-Quality Chalk: The 58g (2 OZ) chalk ball is made of high-quality white chalk that provides excellent grip for any activity.
  • Refillable: The chalk ball is refillable which means you can easily refill it when it runs out of powder. This makes it economical and eco-friendly too!
  • Sweat Resistant: With the constant grip feature in this product, sweat won't be an issue anymore when you're doing your favorite sports or outdoor activities.

The MAKANA Refillable Chalk Ball comes with an easy-to-use sock that makes application much easier while keeping your hands clean from excess powder.

If you're looking for a reliable hand chalk to boost your performance during physical activities - the MAKANA Refillable Chalk Ball with its high-quality material is definitely worth trying!


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