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MAKANA Chalk Bucket - Army Green

MAKANA Chalk Bucket - Army Green

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The MAKANA Chalk Bucket in army green is a versatile, high-quality chalk bag designed for rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts.

  • Large Size: The spacious design of this chalk bag allows you to store a large amount of chalk, minimizing the need for frequent refilling during your climb.
  • Magnetic Closure: The magnetic closure ensures that your chalk stays secure and prevents spills, even when you're on the move.
  • Brush Holders: With brush holders conveniently attached to the side of this bag, you can easily clean your climbing holds as needed.
  • Zip Pockets: Two zip pockets are built into this design to keep small items like keys or phone secure while climbing.

The MAKANA Chalk Bucket is an essential accessory for any serious climber or boulderer. Its durable construction and functional design ensure that it will be a reliable companion on all your adventures in the great outdoors!


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